Reunion is the most significant media to innovate the memories.

6th June,2011 was the day of ‘Reunion of Students’ in Amar Education Institute for the batch 2002-04. There was a welcome of all the ex-students in the Institute.


Greetings were conducted by the senior teachers with great felicity. It was an invaluable opportunity for the students to assemble at one platform after a long odyssey.

Classrooms reminded them about their delightful young school days: the spring tide period of their life. Once again they spent some moment in complete leisure with their old teachers.


Students expressed their inner joy and delight through graceful dance making this occasion fabulous.After refreshment, ex-students were escorted by the principal and erstwhile teachers reminding them ‘Life Morning March’.


The fabulous result of std X was declared on 27th June,2011.It was a glorious year for Amar Education Institute. The closing session of school was a momentous occasion.Students of std X were dressed up in all galore and glee for the farewell social. They had reached the crossroads.


It was a moment of new hope, anticipation and optimism.

Students came forward to give regards to their caring affectionate teachers in a beautiful appraisal speech. Students realized that punishments were given to rectify errors and to build strong refined well balanced personage.


Teachers would surely miss their dear students. It was a new beginning for std X.

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